Now we can perform deliveries only in countries belonging to the European Union, but due to high demand we have of our products from Switzerland, we would like to offer a possibility to buy from their country.

The Switzerland company eps - Europaketshop, has 3 offices in Germany, on the border with Switzerland, and offers the service of packet reception, so that the customer can collect there.


It has different rates that you can see on his website, where you can register to receive your shipments, as well as all the information you may need.

Once registered in eps to receive shipments, you already can register at, and on the tab of customer, must be indicated in the address billing and delivery, as well as your full name, the EPS office and the direction of this office where you want delivery in Germany.

This way you pay to IWF only shipping to Germany, and to EPS the costs of receiving and storing the package.

We hope this information can help you.