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Volume: 0,70 L

Alcohol Content: 35º

Anise is a high alcohol spirit which gets its name the fruit of the plant from which it is usually done: the Pimpinella anisum, known in Spanish as "anis." In the preparation of this liquor also use badian, the fennel and even other fruit and seeds. The liqueur has a powerful flavour when drunk straight. In mixed drinks, however, it produces a sweet agreeable flavour. 

It is often mixed simply with water, where it produces a milky white consistency. That mixture is called in Spanish speaking countries “palomita”. All the liqueur has to be dropped into very cold water at the same moment. Pouring it from a bottle even quickly does not produce the same result. A very white liquid denotes that a good anisette has been used. A “palomita” with just a drop of anisette can be drunk as a refreshing drink.

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