Chorizo Extra Vela VILLOSLADA + Free Knife

Chorizo Extra Vela VILLOSLADA + Free Knife

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900 gr. Weight Approx. / Unit   Region: La Rioja

The "Chorizo" is a sausage originating and typical of the Iberian Peninsula, spread to Latin America.

In Spain is a sausage dried (well in the air, well smoked), made mainly from pork meat chopped and marinated with spices, being more feature paprika, which is the most distinctive of the “Chorizo” against other sausages element, and which also gives it its characteristic red color. In Spain, for a sausage to be called “Chorizo”, it must necessarily have paprika and garlic, this distinguishes it from the “Chorizo” in other countries.

Among the varieties of “Chorizo” is famous la riojana. Other famous sausages found in the province of Salamanca, Segovia (particularly those of Cantimpalos I.G.P.), León, Asturias (usually smoked) and in Navarra, where the “Chistorra” is very popular.

In any case, its preparation is so widespread that we can find so many types of sausages as regions in Spain.

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