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Volume: 1 L

Alcohol Content: 48º

The anises more employees for Monforte distilleries are green anise (anís verde o matalauva) and anise essence extracted from the star anise plant, all from southern Spain, especially from Almeria and Jaen.
The making process of anise is simple. The secret is in the correct mixture of alcohol, water, anise and sugar. If distillation is done in warm, anise takes longer to get ready to be bottled, but has a higher quality than that obtained with the same cold process.
It is often mixed simply with water, where it produces a milky white consistency. That mixture is called in Spanish speaking countries “palomita”. All the liqueur has to be dropped into very cold water at the same moment. Pouring it from a bottle even quickly does not produce the same result. A very white liquid denotes that a good anisette has been used. A “palomita” with just a drop of anisette can be drunk as a refreshing drink.

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