​The production of brandy in Spain has a long tradition, older even than the of French brandies produced in Cognac and Armagnac.

In Catalunya and Jerez (Andalusia) have created a noble international image of Spanish brandy. Elegant and aromatic, long aged in oak, the brandies produced in these regions have own and distinctive characteristics.

The brandy come from white wines acids, very dry, usually low-ranking. It could be said that they are exactly the opposite of what you demand from a large white table wine, balanced and elegant.

Different regions of brandy based his style on some characteristics of the wines that exude.

The brandies of Jerez elected wines from Airén grown in extreme continental climates.

The Catalan brandies marked his personality, distilling of Macabeo and Parellada wines. Grown in cold micro-climates, these grapes produce wines acids, weak graduation, ideal for distillation.

The most appreciated brandies are obtained by double distillation in copper. Like great aged wines, some quality brandies undergo a long pilgrimage from new barrels to more mature helmets.

Typical Sherry boots of 500 liters are used for aging the brandies of this denomination. In Catalonia the traditional barrels of 280 litres are used.

The Jerez brandy used regulated mentions of  Solera (minimum age of 6 months), Solera Reserva(edad mínima de un año) and Solera Gran Reserva (over 3 years).

The most distinctive catalan brandy is the use of French oak and American oak. French oak is that it brings personality to the Catalan brandies of more high-end.