Iberian pigs are a breed of animal origin Mediterranean that make up one of the very few examples of domesticated pigs adapted to the grazing regime, especially qualified to take advantage directly, resources of the vast pastures of holm oaks and cork oaks. The qualities of this primitive breed include its ability to accumulate fat under the skin or infiltrate this in your muscles, this enables products from Iberian pigs have white streaks that make him so special.

The term "pata negra" is a term that has been used to designate the Iberian hams. The designation of "pata negra" is because the color of the leg of the animal was associated with the animal dark. 

Iberian ham should not eat is fresh out of the cellar. It is necessary and something essential that it is tempered for a couple of days or more, up to approximately a temperature close to the 23, 25 ° C. To cut it you must wait until the last moment.

It is very common to find in these parts, some dotted with tiny white spots between the lean meat, that are not harmful at all. It is thyroxine crystals produced by a degradation of proteins and which denotes that the ham is of quality and its correct aging. If you were to consume in one day, was removed throughout the cortex and outer Bacon peeling the ham. Otherwise it will cleanse and outline as you are cutting.

 The slices should be small, as fine as possible. Regardless of the time that it takes to consume, the ham has always have clean, profiling, edge thus avoiding unnecessary barks or rancid flavors. If you stop cutting, is necessary to protect the area with some of the pieces more thicknesses of bacon and bark, taken at the beginning, so that the surface fat is kept fresh, and cover it with a cotton cloth.

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New Boneless Iberic Ham DON JOSÉ CASTRO

Product no.: MR131010

Weight: 5 kg. to 5,5 kg Approx.

207.90 *
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Iberian Ham "Bellota" D.O. Extremadura ESTIRPE NEGRA

Product no.: AG-25201

From Extremadura

Piece of 8,5 Kg to 9 Kg Approx.

424.35 *


Product no.: IB10524

Weight: 4,4 kg. to 4,8 kg Approx.

216.50 *
1 kg = 47.07 €

Iberian Ham "de Cebo de Campo" ESTIRPE NEGRA

Product no.: AG-25321

From Extremadura

Piece of 8,4 Kg to 8,9 Kg Approx.

229.65 *

Boneless Iberic "Bellota" Shoulder ESTIRPE NEGRA

Product no.: AG-25450

Weight: 2,2 kg. to 2,5 kg Approx

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Product no.: MR110118

Now bigger hams !!

Piece of 9 Kg to 9,5 Kg Approx.

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Boneless Iberic Shoulder DON JOSÉ CASTRO

Product no.: MR137300

Weight: 2,8 kg. to 3 kg Approx.

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Before!! 87.80 €

Iberian Ham "de Cebo" IBEDUL

Product no.: IB10020

From Córdoba (Andalucía)

Piece of 8 Kg to 8,5 Kg Approx.

234.40 *

Iberian Shoulder "Bellota" DON JOSÉ CASTRO

Product no.: MR120190

Piece of 5,7 Kg to 6,2 Kg Approx.

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Iberian Shoulder DON JOSÉ CASTRO

Product no.: MR120202

Piece of 6,5 Kg to 7 Kg Approx.

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Before!! 94.50 €
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Boneless Iberic Shoulder DON JOSE CASTRO Skinless

Product no.: MR137201

Weight: 2 kg. to 2,4 kg Approx.

Skinless, no fat and polished.

81.40 *

Centro Jamón Ibérico de Cebo de Campo SIERRA DE JABUGO

Product no.: SJ01481

Boneless Ham  Piece of 3 Kg to 3,4Kg Approx.

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100 g = 5.03 €

Iberian Ham "Bellota" DON JOSÉ CASTRO

Product no.: MR110113

Piece of 9,5 Kg to 10 Kg Approx.

451.10 *


Product no.: MR110111

D.O. GUIJUELO (Salamanca)

Piece of 9 Kg to 9,6 Kg Approx.

468.10 *

Iberian Shoulder "Bellota" D.O. GUIJUELO DON JOSÉ CASTRO

Product no.: MR120187

D.O. GUIJUELO (Salamanca)

Piece of 4,5 Kg to 5 Kg Approx.

148.20 *

Boneless Iberic "Bellota" Shoulder MANUEL DIAZ

Product no.: MR137302

Weight: 2,5 kg. to 2,9 kg Approx

182.95 *

Boneless Iberian Ham "de Cebo de Campo" ESTIRPE NEGRA

Product no.: AG-25321-C

Weight: 5,4 kg. to 5,8 kg Approx.

292.55 *

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