YZAGUIRRE Reserva Red Vermouth

YZAGUIRRE Reserva Red Vermouth

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Volume: 1 L

Alcohol Content: 18º

Mahogany red in colour, Yzaguirre Reserva Red Vermouth is highly aromatic, velvety and pleasant on the palate, with woody, herby and spicy notes reminiscent of ripe fruit. Its initial flavour is very tasty and balanced, in perfect harmony with its acidity. Twelve months in oak barrels give it consistency and character.

Serving tip: As an everyday aperitif or early evening drink. Excellent in a long drink with a few drops of Campari, 3 or 4 ice cubes, a slice of orange, a twist of orange peel and fresh mint leaves. It is also perfect for seasoning meat or game stews, shellfish paella, desserts and patisserie. 


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