Cecina de Ternera FERJU

Cecina de Ternera FERJU

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I.G.P. Cecina de León - Piece of 6,8 to 7,2 Kg. Approx.

The "Cecina de León" is smoked beef and dry, from the hindquarters of bovine at least 5 years old and coming, preferably native bovine breeds of Castilla and León.

The outer part of the cured meat has a color toasted Brown, slightly dark, own the process. To cut it, the cured meat will have different shades of color, from Cherry to Garnet, it accentuated the edges at the end of the ripening process, and a slight marbling of fat, which gives it its characteristic juiciness. It has a flavor characteristic, little salty and slightly fibrous consistency. Effect resulting from smoking brings in the process of maturation a characteristic aroma.

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