103 OSBORNE Brandy Solera

103 OSBORNE Brandy Solera

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Nombre d'évaluations: 3
Note moyenne: 5
à partir de le 14/12/2015
103 brandy is my mum & dads favourite... having not been on a Spanish holiday this year, stocks were running low. Delighted to find this product available on line for UK delivery. Good price and very efficient service and delivery. Thank you. Will definitely order again.
A smooth brandy that suits our palates.
à partir de le 02/11/2015
First drank 103 many years ago on holiday in Spain and always brought bottles home as we never found it in the UK. Wish we had found this supplier earlier! Great product and great service from IW&F. Recommended to my travelling friends!
Have always loved 103
à partir de le 02/06/2015
Could not believe that I could not get 103 in the UK and thanks to Iberian I now can. Great service right to my front door. Many thanks

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